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Dave Stearn

Back in the 80's, I started out as a local newspaper reporter (yes, I really am that old) before deciding I’d rather talk nonsense for a living.


I’ve now been presenting radio around the North West for more than 20 years.


After stints at stations as far afield as Bradford, Liverpool and Wrexham it was fantastic to get involved in the creation of Pure Radio here in Stockport, playing great music, talking about stuff people round here care about and just 10 minutes drive from my house. Result!!.


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Here at Pure, I'm on Pure Breakfast weekdays from 6 til 11.


Start the day right with load of 'start the day' songs on the Wake Up 30 at 6am. Email Dave to get a mention.  


Test Yourself with The Family 5-a-Day. Get involved by nominating the daily 9 o’clock Hero and I play some of the biggest up and coming tracks on the Priority List.


Then after 10.30 it's half an hour of brilliant tracks and classic hits you'd almost forgotten about with Rival Revivials, as two classic years go head to head. And of course along the way, all the news, sport and travel for Stockport.


The Album Club every Sunday afternoon from 1 til 4, I think is the perfect way to spend a Sunday. Great album tracks from the sixties right up to noughties with a good dollop of top notch cuts from the latest and best artists.


I take a look at the best gigs to go to, around Stockport and beyond in Reasons to Leave the House and we delve into an artists back catalogue to compare their previous work with their latest offering in 'That was then.. but This Is Now'.


And why not have a rummage through your old vinyl in the loft to tell me your Last 3 Albums on Earth. Here's the scenario..The powers that be knock on the door. they've come to take away your music, but you can save three albums to last you the rest of your life. Which would you keep?




Pure Breakfast

The Album Club