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About Pure Radio

What Is Pure 107.8 FM? 


Pure 107.8 FM is the only station to concentrate exclusively on Stockport. Playing music to suit all ages and tastes, we appeal to the whole family.


Tune in to a mix of great music from the last four decades, up to the minute local, national and international news, with traffic and travel information to keep Stockport on the move.


Weather forecasts across the day, lots of relevant and concise local information and advice provided by a huge variety of organisations.


Plus, our specialist shows from 7pm offer something unique and target particular issues of genuine community interest.





Pure Radio is truly an innovative project. It provides the opportunity for people from disadvantaged backgrounds to build the skills and confidence to get back into employment.


Trainees and volunteers are able to apply their skills practically in a professional setting, as Pure Radio boasts two "state of the art" radio studios and have operated two RSL's (restricted service licences) a year, for 28 days at a time since May 2003.


We have strong links with community groups throughout Stockport and want to continue to expand on this network, so if you would like to raise awareness for the project/voluntary organization/initiative/service that you represent, get in touch via the contact page.

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